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2020.164 (June 12, 2020)

Enhanced WC4 Video Released in German & French! Plus English Fix

ODVS is on a roll this week! Hot off the release of version 3 of the enhanced WC4 video pack, he's provided German and French translations as well. This is wonderful news for Wingnuts in Europe who get both high quality video and slick dubs as well now. Pedro has helped tweak the pack to make it easier to turn on alternate language support.

2019.163 (June 12, 2019)

Wing Commander Tested on FM Towns Marty

Re.Enthused has posted a video of getting Wing Commander going on the FM Towns Marty. The Marty was a console variant of the Japanese PC variant FM Towns. The two shared limited cross-compatibility, so it's really interesting to see that it runs!

2018.163 (June 12, 2018)

Check Out Spanish Wing Commander 2

This is turning into a series! Christian Klein has found yet another DROSoft localization for Spain. This time it's Wing Commander 2. This one has a long of box text to translate, and the small instruction pamphlet has a very cool design with watermark silhouettes of all the ships on it.

Wing Commander Meme of the Day:Bad Joke Eel

2017.163 (June 12, 2017)

Ad Ben: 3Dfx Technology

This is not an excuse to post Lara Croft's butt! Note the F-108 Panther-class space superiority fighter in the upper left-hand corner. For Wing Commander Prophecy, Origin made an agreement with up-and-coming 3D accelerator group 3Dfx to support their platform. Much as previous games tended to favor one sound card over another, games in the late 1990s would pledge allegiance to different 3D acceleration standards.

2016.164 (June 12, 2016)

August 1999 Preview Teases Wing Commander On Pay Per View

VHSGoodiesWA has opened a fascinating time capsule into the summer after the Wing Commander Movie premiered in theaters. Long before streaming video was a thing on the internet, cable companies offered Pay Per View programming for people interested in a convenient home option. "On demand" meant something different than it does today though, and people would pay to unlock their desired movie at given scheduled broadcast times. DVD players were still years away from becoming commonplace in 1999, so this and VHS rentals would have been one of the primary ways that typical viewers of the day would access the film.

2015.163 (June 12, 2015)

Saving 'Sports Since 1990

Cracked has posted an article about "annoying game gimmicks you didn't know were super old." Their first target is the concept of escort missions. They're widely used throughout the storyline campaigns in various shooters today, and they've been increasingly popping up in multiplayer combat as well. But, as Wingnuts know, escorts are nothing new!

2014.163 (June 12, 2014)

Empire Strives to Swarm Enigma Sector

The Kilrathi onslaught continues! Klavs has moved up a bit from his recent flurry of Kilrathi fighters to one of the big boys. This Fralthra looks like a mean son-of-a-gun. Its six fins and prominent fore section give the ship quite a bit of menacing bulk, but there's also a pair of large and eye-catching hangars in the rear.

2013.163 (June 12, 2013)

Super Sized Arrow Model Now in Color

Klavs' giant Arrow model continues to impress! He's supposedly disappointed with the paint job depicted here, but we still think it looks amazing. The 1/72 scale puts this beauty at almost a foot long, and although it's pretty spiffy already, Klavs has quite a bit of fine detail work to go before it's finished. The final product will include decals and even engine/cockpit lights!

2012.164 (June 12, 2012)

Small Scale Scimitar Shines

RC1207 tipped us off about one of his miniature models that we missed earlier, and it's too gorgeous not to share! The Scimitar complements his fleet of finely detailed Hornets, Rapiers, Salthi and Dralthi. You can check out all of the prior designs here and pick up unpainted versions here. These make me really wish we had some Wing Commander Hero Clix.

2011.163 (June 12, 2011)

New FC Ship Editor Makes Progress

Iceblade has made huge advances with the Flight Commander ship editor that he's making in conjunction with Wing Commander Fleet Assault. It already works for basic ship features, but he's expanding it now to integrate tweaks to turrets and eventually a mew 3D viewer to more readily see modifications. The current program is also designed to work with FC version 1.7, which is still in development, but modders will have a neat toy to play with when this comes together.

Comm Importation Tool to Help Spice Up FC Mods

Ship stats aren't the only advanced modding technique that Iceblade is working to expand. He's also developed a comm importer that streamlines the processing of Secret Ops audio clips into Flight Commander. This program is virtually complete, and Iceblade just needs some volunteers to test it out. Let him know if you can help!

2010.163 (June 12, 2010)

Ascii Sector Continues to Expand

Just in time for the weekend, there's two new updates for Privateer Ascii Sector! Versions 0.6.6 & 0.

2009.163 (June 12, 2009)

Space Sim First Look: Heresy War

Heresy War is a new space combat sim by Dream Builder Studios. If it were even possible, it's seemed lately like the pace of new space sims popping up has slowed even further, so seeing another pretty one here is nice. The settings look diverse and beautiful from what can be seen so far. It's hard to get a read on the somewhat cliche background story, but hopefully the overall package will turn out well.

Making the Game: Weapons

I think this is the coolest document we've showcased thus far: it's the original descriptions of all the game's guns (ie, how they work and their backgrounds) which includes MS Paint drawings of what all their 'bullets' should look like! Very, very interesting.These updates are thanks to John "Captain Johnny" Guentzel, who provided several CD image archives of material used by the Wing Commander Prophecy development team!

2008.164 (June 12, 2008)

WCM HD - Six Chances Left

Attention Americans! This is your last chance to see the Wing Commander movie in HD for free via the UniversalHD network. It's scheduled to run several more times through the end of June and then... who knows?

Making the Game - Part 38

This is the first of three updates what will fascinate nitpickers are bore everyone else. In this particular instance we're lucky enough to have the same document from three different Wing Commander Prophecy developers - Billy Cain, Jorg Neumann and John Guentzel. Why is that interesting? Because you can compare the different margin notes!

2007.163 (June 12, 2007)

Classic Review Praises Privateer

Mike Mann was going through some old things and came up with a neat classic review from the September 1994 issue of "CD-ROM Entertainment." It's a lengthy article that covers the enhanced CD-ROM edition of Wing Commander Privateer and Righteous Fire. The author is very impressed, and he spends a considerable amount of time describing the setting and backstory to the game. The gameplay mechanics, diverse locations and variety of factions also get special mention.

DragonCon 2007 Less Than Three Months Away

The DragonCon website has been updated with a bunch of new information. More than two dozen new guests have been listed as attendees, and the Fan Tables page now lists the CIC's presence. We'll be manning a table in the Marriott lobby to help increase Wing Commander awareness. Stop by if you'll be in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend!

2006.163 (June 12, 2006)

Mark Your Calendars For The CIC Birthday Party

It's getting to be that time of year again. We've picked up a lot of new visitors over the last year, so here's all the basics. In less than two months, the Wing Commander CIC turns 8 years old. Every August 10, we hold a big birthday party online in #Wingnut.

Interest Check For Loose Patches

A few people have asked about obtaining some of the Confed patch replicas that we use on our Prophecy-style flight suits. Full suit production is still a bit sketchy, but we'd like to gauge how much interest there would be in just the shoulder patches. The price range would probably be $5-10 plus shipping. Like the rest of the stuff in our merchandise store, we're not looking to sell anything for profit, so there's no need to order one just to "support the site.

2005.163 (June 12, 2005)

Wing Commander Tactics Modding Nexus

Chevieblazer has been working on a mod for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident for the last few months. The game is a warship strategy game, and blazer's additions have come in the form of WC1/2 era capital ships. The original game looked great, so there's a lot of potential for stellar graphics and gameplay here. Parts of the mod are still in the early stages, so there's room to help if you'd like to assist Chevieblazer.

New Flight Commander Mission Editor Released

eddieb has released several various Flight Commander upgrades this weekend. The mission editor has a friendlier interface and allows additional flexibility with in-flight comms and neutral ships. There are some informal upgrades to the 1.1 version of the game/engine as well.

2004.164 (June 12, 2004)

Maj. Striker's Krant is Ready for Launch

Maj. Striker has been working his 3D magic and has produced this model of WC1's Krant medium fighter. It's pretty great looking, even though these shots are only low res. Hopefully there'll be some higher res versions soon.

CIC's Sixth Birthday Approaching

Mark the date in your calendars now - August 10, 2004, 7PM EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT). On that date we'll be holding the CIC's sixth birthday party over in our regular IRC channel, #WingNut. There'll be our usual event of throwing prizes at random people who just happen to be there, and with a bit of luck we'll have some new additions to the site to unveil. There's really no reason not to be there (unless you have to work the next day, in which case book the day off now).

2003.163 (June 12, 2003)

Mod Team Needs People to Waste Time*

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident is a neat mod for Secret Ops. Matthew Kruer is quite excited about NewCommanderondaBlock's new Wasteland Vesuvius Hybrid Station Model. I'll leave it to him explain some of the recent developments.The Vesuvius Super Carrier that wasn’t meant to be.

WC Dedicated Boards Need Ace Pilots

Filler reminded us that there are some Prophecy Advance specific boards set up at some of the broad range gaming sites. These places get a lot of viewers that aren't familiar with our that need fan support. You can reach IGN users here and GameFAQS here.

GBA SP Selling Well

Various places are reporting about the new Gameboy Advance SP colors coming to the US this fall. Soon North American will be getting the red Flame and black Onyx colors in addition to the silver Platinum and blue Cobalt (or Cobalt Blue.. get it?).

2001.163 (June 12, 2001)

Wonderful Pictures

Zohrath has updated his page with four beautiful new pieces of Wing Commander art -- and he's providing the made-from-scratch models (of the Lance and the Tallahassee) he used to all who want them. Check 'em out... and grab the models at members.nbci.

Update: The WCU Monk Gets Drunk


Pride of the Fleet

Here's another screenshot of the upcoming Wing Commander Invasion mod's Confederation class dreadnought model... courtesy of WildCat.

What Came Before

TC has found something interesting... a flight sim called Wing Commander for the Commodore 64 that pre-dates our favorite series by six years. Read a bit more about it here.

Crius.Net Milestone

Another exciting number from Crius.Net: the Crius.Net free mail service now has 500 active users! If you don't have an @Crius.

From: Meredith Textiles, LTD.

The Jincilla are hovering around the space station Curium (Nav Point #150), most likely to intercept a cargo ship full of Neo-Arnen fabric we need to deliver there. Meet the ship at Pletirat (Nav Point #142), and escort her to her destination. This is extremely important, for reasons I do not wish to discuss.


2000.164 (June 12, 2000)

Steele Aerospace Announces New Carriers

Psych noticed that we missed Steele releasing or fixing several Wing Commander models for X-Wing Alliance. The TCS Lexington, TCS Victory, Murphy Class Destroyer and more are available. These are definitely worth checking out if you have XWA. And if you like him, send him a note of encouragement so he keeps up the great work.

CNN SL Review Just Released

Iridium let us know that CNN just released their review of Starlancer. It always makes me curious when they review a game. "Space combat has never looked better" according to them. Okay.

Why Zimzam, Why?

Says Howard Napkin, mouthpiece of decency. Psychotic architect Zimzam Edific has once again inflicted death and misery on unsuspecting innocents. Disaster occurred on Bex at the site of Zimzam's latest project, a rollercoaster constructed completely of glass. Work having finished two days ago, the maiden ride was scheduled for this morning; 185 young orphans, 13 terminally ill patients from the local hospital, the Mayor and his pet dog Spanky all climbed aboard the glittering capsure in good faith, cheering with anticipation.

1999.163 (June 12, 1999)

A Longer Wait For Not Just France and Denmark

Stefan Müller brought to our attention the Twentieth Century Fox of Germany website. There they report that the Wing Commander movie is not expected to show there until November 4. Could this also have something to do with Star Wars? It's coming out in Germany just one week after we were previously listing Wing Commander.

Another Famous WC Fan

Tim Cook was watching a rerun of the Howard Stern Show last week and something caught his attention. They were discussing how much work they had to do on weekends. Stern apparently was disappointed that he had to miss a screening of the WC movie because of prior commitments. He joins such celebrities as Freddie Prinze, Matthew Lillard, Robin Williams and J.

"Bones" Passes Away

Many WC fans will mourn the recent death of DeForest Kelley. He died yesterday, June 11 after being ill for several months. Kelley was best known as Dr. Leonard McCoy on the original Star Trek television series.

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